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The Microbiome Solution Workshop
Washington DC • January 30th 2016
The Microbiome Solution Workshops are designed specifically for people suffering from an imbalanced microbiome – a condition known as dysbiosis.
You’ll learn the exact techniques Dr Chutkan and her team of experts have used to successfully “rewild” thousands of patients.
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The Microbiome Solution
Synthesizing the latest findings, Dr. Chutkan explains how the standard Western diet and our super-sanitized lifestyle are starving our microbes, depleting the “good bugs” that are crucial for keeping us healthy, and encouraging overgrowth of exactly the wrong types of bacteria. This is the first book to offer a practical, effective plan for replenishing and optimizing the vital ecosystem in our gut.
CBS This Morning, Why Living Too Cleanly Can Harm Your Health Video
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Gutbliss offers a groundbreaking, one-stop guide to digestive wellness, and a program to finally give women the tools they need for true and lasting relief. Dr. Chutkan explains the root causes of bloating and gas, offers steps to alleviate symptoms, and outlines a nutrition and exercise plan for optimizing gastrointestinal health. Gutbliss will show you how to ditch your digestive baggage once and for all.
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